Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Oh me oh my. Just popping in with some random venting.

So the Comic Con is this weekend and I am stressin. Am I ready for the con? Do I even have a choice? Will they like our panels? I'm also in a major rut. A food rut. I've been busy with the convention and I haven't been eating well. It's my fault, and I haven't been getting enough sleep. When I don't sleep and am too lazy to cook for myself, then those vegan cookies (or even worse) start sounding like a great idea for breakfast...and lunch. And I admit it, I am worried about what I am going to eat at the con, stuck for hours working, with no hotel room and limited money down town with very few veg friendly options within walking distance. I'm afraid I'll be eating nothing but tap water, coffee, and potato chips. ;-;


Seems like a silly thing to worry about, but I'd hate to get sick. Also, I've gained back some weight and I am SICK of it! I need to be better about planning out my meals. Especially dinner. I feel like I never know what to make that will please everyone in my household.

What do other people eat for dinner? I am always fascinated by this. Maybe I'll have to start peeking into windows around dinner time in my neighborhood.

Also, it's probably terribly hypocritical of me, but some friends of mine and I have been toying with taking a small weekend trip to L.A. soon for shopping and what not. If we go...I am totally making a trip to KindKreme Dessert Shop while we are there! ♥ Yum yum.

Anyway, hopefully everything goes well this weekend. And maybe, just maybe, if I'm super lucky...I'll run into James Marsters in a lonely elevator. Rwwrrrr! XD


  1. if you are worried of feeling snacky without good options you could always bring a lunch box with carrots and celery. If no lunch box I find bringing an aplle and a banana with me (and food bars) help me make better choices.

  2. Good luck at finding food, the panels, and being stuck in an elevator with James Marsters! :)