Monday, June 21, 2010

07 Food chatter

I can't sleep. Too stubborn to go to sleep.

And I am feeling sad. Sad like I just bought useless bling on Ebay and sad like I want to make G pancakes just because he's so good to me all the time even if I don't deserve it. I also saw This coconut vegan pancake recipe online yesterday and am curious to try it. "Healthier" pancakes?! I am so down. And I've never thought of using brown rice syrup as just that...syrup!

Not my picture :(

Speaking of cooking, I love this new show on the Cooking Channel called, Indian Made Easy. It really inspires me to make try something new. I love how everything is so simple but and her spices so fresh and exotic. I know I've had a hell of a time finding them myself. I think it will be worth it when I do though. She also did and all vegetarian episode! Makes sense and she usually has one veg option in the episodes I have seen.

And still on the topic of food, last night G and I went to a BBQ at the house of some nice people we met that run a knit/crochet night at our local bookstore. I took curried pasta and veggie salad and they made me the best grilled corn and peppers. I'm STILL full. G ended up having a burger though since he is not always so strict with his food. He smelled like a "meat sewer" the rest of the night. :(

Friday, June 18, 2010


My PC is back...from the dead! Thanks to my friend B! Been without internet for a while. Did a victory dance! Felt good.

So Summer is in full swing. I'm feeling hot blooded and anxious. So many things going on the next few months. So many new projects. But my head is full of soft sun dresses and iced drinks and corny movie dates with friends who just happen to be boys.

Was under the weather this week with tummy troubles. Just taking it easy, crafting in front of the t.v. and day dreaming about redoing my bedroom in a bubblegum circus theme.

Won't be happy until looks like an Angelic Pretty shop. I wonder if I can have it done before my birthday?

New Whale Wars episode tonight!