Monday, June 21, 2010

07 Food chatter

I can't sleep. Too stubborn to go to sleep.

And I am feeling sad. Sad like I just bought useless bling on Ebay and sad like I want to make G pancakes just because he's so good to me all the time even if I don't deserve it. I also saw This coconut vegan pancake recipe online yesterday and am curious to try it. "Healthier" pancakes?! I am so down. And I've never thought of using brown rice syrup as just that...syrup!

Not my picture :(

Speaking of cooking, I love this new show on the Cooking Channel called, Indian Made Easy. It really inspires me to make try something new. I love how everything is so simple but and her spices so fresh and exotic. I know I've had a hell of a time finding them myself. I think it will be worth it when I do though. She also did and all vegetarian episode! Makes sense and she usually has one veg option in the episodes I have seen.

And still on the topic of food, last night G and I went to a BBQ at the house of some nice people we met that run a knit/crochet night at our local bookstore. I took curried pasta and veggie salad and they made me the best grilled corn and peppers. I'm STILL full. G ended up having a burger though since he is not always so strict with his food. He smelled like a "meat sewer" the rest of the night. :(

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