Friday, July 2, 2010


The other day I got onto the bus and saw a guy wearing a Naruto headband while playing on his laptop. I thought it was seriously awesome! I know most people would laugh, but man you gotta love Naruto to wear a headband in public! If I wasn't so tired and hungry and needing to get home, I probably would have chatted him up more and tried to make friends. Though that usually backfires on me anyway and people end up thinking I'm creepy.

I think I need some more awesomely geeky friends. Looks like I might be in short supply soon.

So all last week was pretty rotten. Nothing seemed to go right and everything I tried to do turned out to be a big mess. Things seem to be going a little better this week but my sleeping schedule is completely off track.

Getting this in hot pink. Wanted white, but it's sold out. Retail therapy lol.

I got the How to Train Your Dragon OST and it's SO gorgeous! I can't even explain how much I love this movie. It's perfectly magical. Invoking such a sense of wonder and adventure.

It doesn't hurt that the dragon looks like my dear little Batface


  1. omgsh your cat is so cute. The HTTYD OST is so good too!

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    ps - adorable kitty!

  3. thank you for coming out to the bake sale, it was great to meet you! I will keep you updated on future bake sales so you can donate some awesome deliciousness! (: